Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Party is Not Over!

Well, this wasn't a Christmas present, but I am so in love with her that I have to show you how wonderful this wheel is! Please ignore the background football game, it was actually very dark in the living room when I took this shot, and didn't even notice the game on TV (and that was a Christmas present to Chris and myself). So, here she is all put together and oiled twice, by moi!

This is a shot of merino that I was spinning, and it spun like a hot knife going through "butta". I have never set up or seen a wheel set up for double drive, and I had a few questions for the Spinning List over on Yahoo Groups, but as you can see, I got it!

More merino, aren't these colors gorgeous? I am trying to decide if I should try to Navajo ply to try to maintain color runs, or to simply wind off and ply from two toilet paper rolls:

The party continues here, as we gear up for Caryn's 17th birthday next Friday! Can't tell you what she's getting as that would ruin her surprise! In the meantime, Chris is continuing to work on the barn, (we had 7 tons of rock delivered and the kids and Chris spread out while I was at work) I am trying to pull down all the Christmas ornaments and get my house back in order before Tuesday, when it's back to the real workday (inventory) for me.


Vicki said...

Your Tina II is a beauty! And so is that merino you're spinning. Glad to hear you didn't have too much trouble setting it up with double drive. It's my favorite way to spin, though, I prefer to ply with scotch tension.

melanie said...

The Tina II sure is a beauty and I'm so glad that you are enjoying the spinning. The merino is beautiful.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

The Tina is so purty! I love it. Congratulations:-) The Merino looks yummy!

Denise said...

See? I knew you'd love Tina! Glad to see you're having fun together. :-)

I had forgotten how light the cherry wood is at first. My wheel (shown on the blog)doesn't have any stain on it, just an oil finish. It darkens up so gradually I hadn't noticed how great the difference is. I've never tried the double drive - mine's on scotch tension.

CarolineF said...

Pretty little wheel. Looks like you are having good luck spinning on it too!

Angela said...

Ohhhh, she's beautiful, as is the merino. I like both the 2-ply and the Navajo-ply.