Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Continuous Christmas Present Search . . .

You know, every year it's the same thing. . . what do you want for Christmas? Well, darlin's I have to say that I have everything a sane person could want or need. So, what do you say to that question? Then there are the kids, that are not really kids anymore, but young adults. One lives away from us nine months out of the year now, and is not the world's great communicator, besides those strikes against him, he is male. So, what might he want?? I have no clue. Oh, he will eventually make me a list with all of three things on it, 10 days before the holiday, then I will run like a banshee to fullfill his wishes. . . something wrong with this picture, I think.

Then there is my daughter, to whom I could buy the world, as she is still here in the house and always makes her wishes known! (A bit more like me I think!) So, we went off in search of her Christmas gift yesterday, this is not a surprise, as she had to pick it out, as it had to fit her. Here is her new saddle for trail riding on her red roan pony, otherwise known as Blazer.

I've been working on my Mom's Christmas presents, the scarf is done (she likes very short scarves, so don't think this is a mistake!) And, I apologize for my lousy pictures, I don't have the same talent that my sister does!

and I am up to the thumb on mitten #one. I brought this with me to work on in the car on the way to the tack shop, and lo and behold, the fourth needle was at home at my seat. Ok then, I had my Elektra vest with me and worked on that. But, no new pics of that, as I am out of time! No new pics of the barn, as it's too darn cold and we need warmth to paint!

Good luck with the shopping be it for Christmas or Hanukkah.


Angela said...

I LOVE the wavy scarf June!

Boys are always hard to shop for. Even the boys you live with.

melanie said...

Wow, June, the scarf is a real winner! I can't wait to see the rest of the mitten. Shop on!