Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Long Weekend! Yeah!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented last weekend about the finished doily. It was fun to make, but I am glad that one is over with now. . .

Ok, so on to other topics: I have to say that I truly like my job, but I think I like having time off more! Now if there were some way to put a paycheck with the permanent time off, I guess we would all be there in a heartbeat, huh buddy? Yeah, I love the long weekends, finally get to try to catch up on the sleep that your body needs, and get the house somewhat in order again, and even get to do some playing in the middle!

I’m still working on my BBS for the Socks for Soldiers, I’m getting there:

And, I have made valiant efforts to get this Hyrna going, but I am obviously chart impaired on this one. I have started and ripped no less than eight times, I thought I had it going and now I am trying markers to see if that helps! I sure hope so, as I really want to do this one! My hat is definitely off to you,Miss Angela! I don’t have any idea how you whip through this! And three times, at that!!

I am working with Lisa Souza’s Merino Sock! in the color graphite, and I am just loving it! Here’s a close up!

So, that’s it from me, hope you all are having a fabulous extended weekend if you are celebrating!


melanie said...

Long weekends, can't beat them. You know there's an error in the Hyrna pattern on row 8. I ripped it several times too. Here's the correction about 3/4 down the page:

Angela said...

One stitch at a time. If you can do that doily, you'll be fine with Hyrna.

Give me a shout if you want it recharted...