Sunday, December 11, 2005

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder??

Hello to all my cyber friends out there! Sorry to have been away for a bit, but life is busy sometimes, I suppose. The camera has been delivered to the Fuji Photo plant in NJ and I plan to call tomorrow to see what the status is on the repair work. I hope they can fix it or get me a new camera. It was under warranty so let's see if they honor it.
So, unfortunately, I can't show you this drop dead gorgeous Elektra Wensleydale that arrived on Friday, thank you, thank you, Miss Lisa S. ! I am really enjoying spinning it up. I think I am going for a nice DK weight, and maybe this will be transformed into the clock vest from Folk Vests, if I actually end up with enough, I would like to make the vest into a sweater. . . but we'll see.
I also can't show you my finished Sunset Cardigan, with the perfect buttons, but the BG Knitter's group got to see it up close and personal when I wore it last week to our stitch and bitch at Barnes and Nobel Cafe on Tuesday night. It got rave reviews. . . (blush) I am now looking for my next fair isle to do. . . any suggestions?
I got 6 inches completed on Arches, and once again, I can't show you due to my dag-gum camera problems. . . it's a fun fast knit so far. I'm not sure how far Miss Mel is on hers, or if she is stalled due to the life getting in the way thing too. :(
Almost finished with Christmas shopping and doing the Cards this afternoon. . . who ever said it was correct etiquitte (sp?) to send out Christmas cards anyway?? "I hate the Christmas card thing - Jerry"! I guess I generally don't like this time of year due to all the work and effort with very little/no feedback or general help. Then it's all done in a half hour and whew! I made it through another year, and what a darn let down. It must be me.
Think I'll go spin some of this fabulous Wensleydale sitting next to me!

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melanie said...

I'm about 6 inches into Arches too, but, like you, I've been doing cards, putting up the lights and getting ready for the big day. I can't wait to see that gorgeous blue Wensleydale spun up. I can't wait for you to get your camera back.