Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Power of the Internet -

I "met" the most amazing lace knitter this week over here on Susan's blog - I've been interested in the Icelandic Lace Shawl that the Daily Knitter is/was supporting and I have been perusing the internet to find the "right" yarn. Well, procrastination is sometimes a good thing, look at the original and then take a look at Fleegle's blog. You have to keep in mind that the average temperature this past week has been hovering at the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark - so, I ordered some of the lace weight Susan is working with - in color 106 though . . . Susan's is color 103. I ordered 6 200 meter balls, so I actually I don't think I ordered enough, but the whole thing was a bit intimiating, so the yarn can always be used for a Sivia Harding design!

The next cool thing that happened via the internet was this morning I listened all five parts of working with a drum carder by "rexenne" this morning, and granted the very first one was a bit over the top, but it got my "ADD" in gear and I worked with my carder this afternoon and this was the results: PS: Don't forget that I am now a iMac person and still can't figure out how to make these pictures smaller!! So just a note of warning!

Do you remember Lady Blue Jeans: (Is that the right name? Hhmm, getting old, don't remember right now.) This is one of the batts I made last time I was attempting to use the drum carder:

Now this is how it looked today:

Then I thought I would try some blending: these colors are in my placemats in the kitchen, how's that for figuring out color combinations? I never would have put olive with aqua, but it works -

Blending in progress:

Isn't it pretty? I took this off and messed up the rolag, had to card it one more time (damn it) and so this is my end result:

So how many of you guys have a burnishing tool for your carder and if you don't have one what do you use? Well, I used one of my ashford handcards, and with results like this, I will probably continue to use them this way!!


Romi said...

Wow! That turned out to be a really really gorgeous color! Yum.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Two things: 1) Did you learn Japanese through osmosis? I know you work for Mr. YouNoMotorMouf, but.............2) Girl, those batts are gorgeous!!!! You keep this up and you'll have to open up your own shop. Really, really beautiful.

fleegle said...

Cool-looking batts!

I used 5.25 (about) balls of yarn for the Icelandic shawl--I'll probably post the finished pix tomorrow. You should be good to go. It's smaller than the fingering weight shawl, obviously. Halfway between a shawlette and a shawl. And I used #3 needles for the Count 10.

Vicki said...

Loved the carding pics. That's something that's next on my list to learn about.

Joanne said...

A flick carder or a dog comb also work, but a hand card is fine. I have a flick carder thing especially designed for my Strauch/Fricke petite. Just be careful that you aren't bending any teeth (drum carder or hand carder) with the burnishing. The batts look good!

Marmee said...

Wow, you should be really proud!! I am sure you are. The color combo is awesome!! Keep up the great work!!

vanessa said...

lovely batts :-)

Melanie said...

Goodness, you've been on a roll! I love the batts - they're very inspiring. I have a Strauch Petite, so I use the tool that came with it.

fleegle said...

The shawl was definitely mindless! Have fun with it!