Sunday, June 10, 2007

How Boring am I?

This week has been full of the SSDD syndrome! (Thank you, Stephen King for this acronym) and who knows if I spelled that right! There just hasn't been a lot going on around here. Unless, of course, you count cleaning and laundry and all that fun stuff - so, the fiber world has had to take a back seat this week, and actually it didn't become a back seat driver either.

I've been spinning the Romney, and if I show you anymore pictures of it, I'm sure you will puke. So, I thought I would show the basket of corriedale-romney filling up:

You know, I think I was getting some sort of injured elbow from all that wool pulling. Maybe I need to comb twice, I don't really know. In any event, I gave it a rest this week to make sure I didn't do any serious injury.

I've been doing a little bit of spindling, although, I think I stink at it.

What do you do with the yarn on the spindle when the spindle is full? Do you wind onto a toilet paper tube? If you do that how do you add more yarn to it for a continuous thread?

The second Jaywalkers is still in progress:

The color on this is right on for a change - I wanted to show you the heel, as I did a PGR Shortrow heel and it came out really good. But that camera shot came out too close, and a bit blurry.

Farmer Chris went for a short ride yesterday:

Blazer seems to be pretty happy here, but then again, how can you really tell?

And that's about all from this neck of the woods!


Melanie said...

Wait, I think Blazer is smiling! Your spindle spinning looks pretty good to me and your basket of fiber looks really appealing.

Sometimes I wind my spindle off onto a TP roll but mostly I wind an Andean bracelet and ply from that. It does make for smaller skeins. Gotta love the spit splice.

vanessa said...

i also stink at spindle spinning ;-)
blazer is gorgeous!
you are very wise to rest your elbow.
happy belated anniversary!

Peggy said...

Not being a huge Stephen King fan I don't know what SSDD means. Although I am sure it isn't good or happy. :) I don't think I am ever going to get around to working up my half of that Romney/Corriedale. I think I am going to have to declare each day to be a specific day. You know, like Monday just doing whatever, it is David's day off as well, Tuesday could be knitting day, Wednesday knitting day as well, Thursday spinning day, Friday fiber day, blah , blah. Otherwise I am not going to get done what I want to get done.