Sunday, August 13, 2006

Absolutely nothing to talk about -

Hey everyone, it is quiet here, Bryan is working his last day at work, and going back to school next Sunday. Chris is mowing the yard, as we speak and he leaves for Massachusetts tomorrow. Caryn is studying and going for her driver's liscense on Friday. I am simply trying to keep up with everyone. Knitting dishcloths and finishing that darn doily. 560 stitches is a lot to get through and I have around 10 more rounds - all squished on a 20" needle. I need to check and see if I can manage a 24" as it is starting to hurt the hands. (Old age could be part of it!) Anyway, off to get the laundry finished, and maybe I'll actually have something to share next weekend. Oh, by the way, go sign up for Socks for Soldiers - all you fabulous sock knitter's out there! I can't get that dang link to work though, so for anyone who is interested please go to SOCKFORSOLDIERS yahoo groups! Sorry!

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